Ed Seldhon & His Batantrax Custom
This frame was an important frame for myself. Recently losing my beloved F-Moser when a car decided to take me out (Don't worry the car took a massive beating as well). I wanted to organise a custom frame with Alphalab that would be a bit of a tribute to my old F-Moser frame but have it's own thing going on.The frame was designed with keeping it simple and clean in mind, going for a classic look similar to the F-Moser while maintaining Alphalab's style. My F-Moser had a pink colour-scheme going on so the obvious choice for one of the colours was pink, I was then inspired by the Tree Kingfisher bird and their colours for the remaining colours, the dark blue/black, white, and the light blue. The layout of the colours took a couple of goes, I wanted to keep my influence strong from my F-Moser but also do something new, this was hard to do while trying to maintain the simplistic look. Designing the colours to angle and flow together in unison a long both the top and down tube I thought would be really cool and isn't done enough. Getting this so that it looked right visually was a little bit difficult but I think it turned out amazing. The decal was very important, and is something that would finish the look of the frame. Again with a simplistic approach but keeping the style of Alphalab and what they have done with previous frames in mind. A lot of frames tend to have their decals running a long the down tube, which looks awesome but I thought would make this frame look too busy. So I decided to to roll with the Alphalab decal down the seat tube but also keeping it high enough so the chain ring / cranks won't cover up the decal.

I'm still deciding on final parts but I'll post a photo when the frame is built.
I'd like to thank Alphalab for their amazing work and service. They were very open and accepting to all of my ideas and were very happy to push for the very best. Looking forward to designing another frame with them some day!
let me introduce myself first before continuing. i'm a 169cm tall person, and looking for a bike frame. some might already guessing "you'll fit a 51cm bike frame". well, it was true at most, i have inseam clearance up to 52cm bikes, or "M" in modern road bike sizings..

but before we get deeper into my case, i'll give you some examples on bike sizing. the lowest end "celeste-colored" roadbike, with size 50 has an effective top tube length of 525mm.. and the 53cm has an effective top tube length of 535mm..

here's where it started... i once used a "USA" brand track bike with three letters (hint: starts with a K, ends with an S, and has "100" on their model name). they have a 525mm effective toptube length on their size 50.. at first, it rides like heaven. cruising across town, skidding here, sprinting there.. it was great. until 6 months later.. i went to a hospital for my unending back bone pain.. the doctor said "no cycling for three months, we'll see how it develops".. turned out i was getting better..

but "no cycling" means "no life" for me.. i went to a shop that has a bike fitting service. they don't recommend me a bike with toptube longer than 520 because i have a short torso.. it was shocking! the only bike that offers 51cm seattube and toptube not longer than 520 is a women's bike (respectively) and commuters (like city bikes with mustachebars and internal 3 speed gears).  and minutes after, they tried hard to sell me their women bike (respectively) products and their near-decent commuters.. i was like "damn! i want a cool bike and ride it with cycling jersey. not winter coats!"

so i draw a bike using BikeCad, and send it to Alphalab, they made minor changes, and we agreed! turned out that this bike is so damn perfect! it is a road bike with shorter reach than those in the market, with it's shorter wheelbase, 130mm rear spacings, 55mm BB drop and Trackends.. (just in case my friend invited me to a track cycling training)

it's a commuter, a speed bike, and a track bike (with additional 5mm spacers on each axles) love to have them
alphalab did a great job!
written by :  Rifqi Rian Putra