,SATANTRAX is  a combination of culture and  evolution of #BATANTRAX. we redesign of geometry headtube, bb-drop & seattube-inspired by MAMBA FGFS details. The combination of our experience with #BATANTRAX result a more stable frame at high speed and rotation. Althought the handling a bit heavy but its absorb front wheel vibration felt by the rider, so it’s very convenient to be uses on the tarmac.
if you want to order and discus  ( for custom frame and paint ), you can send a message to alphalab official facebook  or call +6285720030155

Video : adityo saputro. Photo : Gerry juliansyah. Talent : fatiya rahma SG

 Alphalab crew #Satantrax video By Chris  B ( New York )
Videography by Adam Spears ( Hitect Weave NYC ), editing  By Chris  B Big support from : Loko Track NYC