Welcome Family "BOB YK" from "PlumberYK". Bob is an athlete from Jogjakarta. With his team.. he became a menthally dangerous athlete. We see his potential when he came to bandung for a fixed gear event "Bandung soleus Hill Crasher". We talk last night before the competition and we think his different. And in the morning ,we prediction about him.. We think we were right! and became a winner. So welcome Bob

Pada tanggal 13-15 september kami mendapatkan undangan untuk mengikuti Itenas Product Design Exhibition " Harta Karuhun ". Acara penghargaan desain yang diselenggarakan tiap tahunya ini diikuti olah berbagai macam produk yang mempunyai potensi tinggi dibidang desain. Tidak hanya pameran saja yang diselenggarakan, talk show bersama Mohamad Zaini Alif ( Pendiri Komunitas Hong - mainan anak ) juga menjadi satu rangkaian acara. Penampilan musik dan beberapa workshop juga disleneggarakan untuk melengkapi waktu luang diselenggarakan pameran.

,SATANTRAX is  a combination of culture and  evolution of #BATANTRAX. we redesign of geometry headtube, bb-drop & seattube-inspired by MAMBA FGFS details. The combination of our experience with #BATANTRAX result a more stable frame at high speed and rotation. Althought the handling a bit heavy but its absorb front wheel vibration felt by the rider, so it’s very convenient to be uses on the tarmac.
if you want to order and discus  ( for custom frame and paint ), you can send a message to alphalab official facebook  or call +6285720030155

Video : adityo saputro. Photo : Gerry juliansyah. Talent : fatiya rahma SG

 Alphalab crew #Satantrax video By Chris  B ( New York )
Videography by Adam Spears ( Hitect Weave NYC ), editing  By Chris  B Big support from : Loko Track NYC