inspired by 1980 and 1990 era frame, we tried to remake the geometry, its very straigh & tight & agresive and perfect when you ride on velodrome or sprint competition. Actualy we use 1/8inch headtube but some customer whan build with integrated headtube.
Weight 1.8kg, we have a standart templates and standart design like those pict. if you want to order and discus  ( for custom frame and paint ), you can send a message to alphalab official facebook  or call +6285720030155
( hand made by alphalabcrew indonesia ) 
We have a word for bangers here at fixiefamous. We call them land mines. You know a land mines when you film it. Right after the rider lands you feel the explosion and know 100% that the trick you just filmed is going in the edit. Imagine a 4 hour day of land mines. Imagine that most of those landmines are first try. If you can imagine both of those you know what it is like to go filming with the 209 cogs crew. These guys land almost everything they attempt first try. It might not look hard to some, but I dare you to go out and try it. These guys are holding it down for Stockton and California. These guys pulled all of these clips off in 4 spots in less than 4 hours. That is talent, and we are amazed that some of these guys are without sponsors. Companies need to get on these kids before they get swooped on by someone else.
Riders: Francis Roque \ Alex Nuniez \ Dawson Phan \ Tommy Mao \ James Deleon \ Jordan Madarang \ James Madarang \ Wynmar Golis \ Jay Manalo \ Johnithan Caolino \ Javier with the RYD \ Jimz D \  Brandenn Shiamastsu \ Alan Jackson \ Norpi Clano \ Calvin Tualla \ Ryan Mamaraldo
Patrick Cardova