lockedcog.com :  For the pro event Sunday I planned on getting a bunch of photo/video to toss on here but I ended up judging instead. Had a damn good time cheering the dudes on and seeing what they had for us. I was able to get a few photos from the Judges spot above the quarters that are going up here. Also going to be getting a video up of the best trick jam that went down after…I was down on the ground for that haha. Click through for all of what I got.
 Stay tuned for some photo and video from the weekend!
1st Matt Reyes / 2nd Jakob Santos / 3rd Kenny Arimoto
Best Trick Jeffy D

 Need long process for chose the  design  ALPHALAB BATANTRAX. After brainstorming, DJCP ( alphalab trak rider )  make custom person with seatposless for his bike. We involve DJCP for designing this bike and attempt to scrub his bike. Initially pessimis for weight this frame because use big tubing, but we try to maximizing process, water holes in  bike frame  and  the material, the weight of this frame on 2.05 Kg. Not only that, we brazzing some custom cuting laser for logo & Indonesia flag. This is a photo of the prototype that we made specially for alphalab rider DJCP, wait for the next update to paint..
"Alphalab Trax Custom Person 2012"
Rider : DJP / Photo by M safiq / Editor by theshargodit