Welcome Indro & Gia from theshargodit on Vimeo.
Alpha Lab, Thesargodit & Fixiefamous welcome Indro & Gia to the team. Jakarta, Indonesia is the hotbed of fixed gear subculture. We first got the chance to work with Alpha Lab and Thesargodit at Fixed Fest 2012 in Jakarta. On a world growing smaller everyday it only makes sense to grow our international relationships. So when asked if we were interested in working with these guys again we were stoked. The energy while riding in Jakarta is infectious after all riding a bike is a integral part of the Indonesian culture. The energy Indro & Gia bring to riding is the most important aspect of their riding. This is what draws people to the scene. Watching how much fun these guys have riding it is easy to see how FGFS is growing so fast. Oh yeah, Laughter is also infectious in hopes of catching some Laughter and Energy we have booked the earliest flight to Jakarta, Indonesia ( Fixiefamous )
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